5th Annual Global Spondyloarthritis Summit

As the premier virtual health event for the spondyloarthritis community, the 5th Annual Global Spondyloarthritis Summit features renowned rheumatologists and other health experts who provide the most up-to-date findings and medically reliable and comprehensive information on essential topics that matter to those living with the disease. Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been living with the disease for years, the Summit is your opportunity to learn tips and tools for managing your symptoms while also connecting with others.

Under the theme “Moving Together Towards Better Health Outcomes” this year’s program features 12 experts from the international community who will discuss topics such as Flares and Possible Triggers; SpA Research Updates; Sleep Issues; Women & SpA; Diet & Nutrition; Surgery & Joint Replacement Recommendations; Cardiovascular Disease, and more! Take a look at the full list of planned topics.


May 5, 2023 09:00

What is Spondyloarthritis? An Overview.

Christine Stamatos, DNP, ANP-C

May 5, 2023 10:00

Medications for SpA - Including New (i.e. JAKs) and What's on the Horizon. Drug Combinations & Interactions.

Robert Inman, MD, FRCPC, FACP, FRCP

May 5, 2023 11:00

SpA Research Update (Advanced Topic)

Kristi Kuhn, MD, Ph.D.

May 5, 2023 13:00

Cardiovascular Disease and Spondyloarthritis

Jean Liew, MD, MS

May 5, 2023 14:00

When is Surgery Recommended? Joint Replacement and Spine Surgery

March 20, 2026 15:00

The Role of Genetics in Spondyloarthritis. Genes Associated (HLA-B27 and Beyond), Heritability (Advanced Topic)

Judith Smith, MD, Ph.D.

May 6, 2023 09:00

Women & Spondyloarthritis: Childbearing Years Through Menopause

Peter Taylor, MA, Ph.D., FRCP, FRCPE

March 20, 2026 10:00

Sleep & Spondyloarthritis

Soha Dolatabadi, MD

May 6, 2023 11:00

We’d Like to Know: Cannabis Update

Mary-Ann Fitzcharles, MD

May 6, 2023 13:00

Diet & Nutrition: How/Why Does Gut Microbiome Affect Spondyloarthritis (Advanced Topic)

Mathew Stoll, MD, Ph.D., MSCS

May 6, 2023 14:00

Flares: Possible Triggers to Avoid & How to Treat a Flare

Pendleton Wickersham, MD, FACP

May 6, 2023 15:00

Tai Chi: Meditation in Motion with Live Demonstration

Soneka Lee, DPT

Frequently Asked Questions

This event is for anyone impacted by spondyloarthritis, whether it is you or someone you love who is living with the disease. It is also for healthcare providers or other practitioners who may want to increase their knowledge of the current research and latest findings surrounding spondyloarthritis. Please note that we do not offer CE credits.
We are featuring 12 medical experts who will share their insights. For a full list of speakers and topics, please review our agenda for the session titles and release dates.
There is no charge to register or watch during the 2-day event thanks to generous support from our sponsors and educational grants.
All video presentations for the 2023 Summit will remain open 24/7 for the full duration of the Summit, May 5 – 6, 2023. Afterwards, this content is typically gated for SAA Members. We are currently considering the expansion of access beyond the 2 days.
To make the presentations more accessible, we offer subtitles in Spanish. Just click CC (Closed Captions) on your video player and see if your language is available.
You can Live Chat with other participants throughout the 2-day event. If a speaker offers a Q&A, we will notify attendees in advance of times and availability.
No, you do not need to download or install any special software to participate. All you need is access to the internet on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.
Click the Register button on the Home Page and complete the form. You will receive an email confirmation. Please check your Junk folder if you don’t receive a confirmation within 5 minutes.
Absolutely. Share the URL for this event and instruct them to register.
Click the Login button on the Home Page. Enter the email address that you used to register. No password is required.
Email technical support at spondyloarthritissummit@getvfairs.io. This is only for trouble-shooting technical issues during the summit such as logging in or playback of the videos. Please do not submit questions regarding your SAA membership or any other questions regarding session topics to this email address. They will not be answered.
Yes. Our virtual event allows you to collect materials such as flyers and other handouts. You can add all the available documents to your Virtual Bag in your account and then email them to yourself or share items with colleagues by simply entering their email.
Send an email to info@spondylitis.org, and we will try to address it as soon as possible.